Applying for a Place

If you like what you have seen and heard about Turtles we suggest you book a nursery visit.  Although we have an open-door policy for our parents/carers we ask visitors to pre-book appointments where possible.

This is to try and avoid any disruption to our current children (who may, for example, be in the middle of their well-earned sleep time) and so that you are able to meet the members of staff who will be looking after your child (this would not possible if they have taken the children out on a trip).  Before your visit, please let the nursery know if you require any special assistance such as disabled access. If it is not possible or preferable for you to arrange your visit in advance then you will be welcome to visit our premises at any time.  You may however be asked to wait for a manager for a while should another parent be visiting at the same time.

Following your visit if you decide Turtles is the place for you and we have confirmed that there is a place available, we will ask you to complete an enrolment form and contract.  We will also ask for a deposit of £35 for each day you wish to reserve.  For example a place for three days would require a deposit of £105.00.  This deposit is deducted from your first month’s fees but is non-refundable if you subsequently do not take up the place.

 We will contact your approximately one month before your child starts with us to organise your free “settling in sessions”.  These usually start with a 1 hour session building up to a full morning or afternoon.  The settling in period can be increased or decreased according to your child’s needs and your wishes.

Parents/carers are encouraged to stay with their child for as long as necessary during the settling in period.  When the parent and their child’s key worker feel the time is right the parent will leave their child with us.  This time is built up gradually.  Some parents may choose to stay for the entire period, others may enjoy having a break and going out for a cup of coffee. It depends on you and your child!