Healthy Eating

At Turtles we are proud of the nutritious, wholesome and varied food that we provide. 
All food is cooked fresh on site by cooks who are enthusiastic to produce the high quality food we require.

Whilst nutritious food is vital for building bones and teeth and developing internal organs it also affects our mood, behaviour, growth and concentration.

We provide a carefully selected balance of different foods in our menus which are rich in fruit and fresh vegetables each day.

Our menus are designed to stimulate their taste buds with recipes such as Chicken and butternut squash curry served with rice, Caribbean fruity lamb, and Chunky farmhouse casserole served with colcannon mash to encourage children to enjoy variety and textures. 

A vegetarian alternative is freshly made and we can provide for allergy and food intolerances too.

At snack times children may be encouraged to add their own choice of fruit to a milk shake.  This can be fresh banana, strawberries, pineapple and dragon fruit.   

Meal times are considered a formal occasion where the table is laid with correct utensils (within the children’s limitations) and the children sit with the staff gaining valuable social skills along with an enjoyable experience. 
Presentation ….

The food we prepare must look good to the children to encourage them to want to eat it.  Our menus come from a variety of sources and have been tried, tested and changed regularly.

The staff give feedback to our excellent cooks which may result in a recipe being removed or replaced.

We regularly review and change our menus and work on a four week rotation.  The recipes however, do change depending on the season for which we have many tried and tested favourites.

Our menu of the week is displayed in each room.