Key Worker


The key worker approach is an effective way of enabling children to develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery.  It also enables each child to feel secured and cared for helping them to become familiar with the nursery environment and develop confidence and a feeling of security within it.
Therefore, when your child starts with us a key worker will be responsible for their care.   The key worker will ensure that the needs of each child in their care are met and will build up a relationship of trust through a process of responding sensitively to their feelings and behaviour. 
We also recognise that the key person will not be in the nursery from open to close each and every day of the year and therefore to ensure continuity of care and remove any distress to the child, the key person will gradually encourage and help your child to develop relationships with other members of staff as well as children. 
The key worker will be best suited to understanding your child’s individual needs and to share and discuss information with parents about their child’s time at nursery.

The Key carer and other staff who work closely with your child, will observe them in their play which will enable them to plan appropriate  opportunities and experiences that will best meet their needs and interests.