Our Environment

Children should have regular opportunities to take part in  exciting and challenging activities, which support their learning and development. They need a stimulating environment which is enables a variety of play, the opportunity to exploration and most importantly the opportunity to talk and listen with their friends.

To develop they need to be able to choose, make their own creations, investigate, explore and initiate activities.
Children are active learners from birth and this is evident where they have been provided with the correct environment, support and experiences. 

The right environment assists them to follow their curiosity and develop their imagination and creativity.  

Our nursery environment is intended to be cosy as well as exciting.  Activities and rooms are structured in such a way that it will promote a child's independence, decision-making and problem solving.

Where appropriate low level access to items is given.  These enable children to make choices with regard to what they want to use in their activity.  Older children have access to a range of materials such as paint, sand, crayons, pencils, tissue and shredded paper.    There are also quieter areas where the children can snuggle down and enjoy books or chats with their friends. Puzzles and other items which encourage children to discover solutions for themselves are provided.

Each environment within the nursery is designed to encourage physical skills such as crawling, sitting, standing and walking which are all important for development.  Children are encouraged to be healthy through food and exercise.

We use play equipment that has been designed to invite exploration and is selected for quality and play value. This ensures that whatever your child chooses to play with, their learning and development will be supported and extended.

All children are encouraged to learn by hand-on experiences which are made possible through our enriched planned programmes which include life cycles and close up animal and insect life experiences.